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"I’ve been on their “scale” plan for 2 months now, and out of the 30 verified reviews published, there was only one 4-star review – the other 29 reviews were all 5-stars. These reviews are the reason why I was (and still am) able to sell more than 10 units per day."
Gonex Inc
Why Your Product Needs Amazon Reviews
More Review Leads To Better Rankings
Smart sellers know that Amazon product review and rating always impact on the product rankings in search results.  The higher the reviews and ratings for your product, better will be the product ranking and sales. 
Why Your Product Needs Amazon Reviews
Buyers Cherish Online Reviews
Buyers don’t have much to rely on when it comes to buying a product online and this makes Amazon reviews act as triggers for more sales. 
Why Your Product Needs Amazon Reviews
Reviews Increase Conversion Rates
Amazon customer reviews encourage potential customers to trust you as a good seller. Not only will this will increase Amazon sales but will also give exposure to your other products under same brand.
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